ATTiny85 Mini Dev. Board. Lilytiny, Digispark, EDAtiny


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  • Based on Attiny85 IC, 8K flash, 512KB EEPROM, 512KB SRAM
  • Compatible with lilytiny, digispark bootloader, to upload sketch please add board digispark 1.65mhz in arduino IDE.
  • Pre-load bootlooder and blink sketch for testing.
  • On board 7805 regulator, from Vin pin power up to 18V, 1A current supply.
  • Directly programming via USB port and use arduino IDE.
  • All lead out pins to use.
  • Extra back side 2.0mm pitch ICSP programmer port.
  • Dimension 24mm Diameter.
  • Each purchase is for one board only.

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