EB8000 Bluetooth Audio&SPP Module BT_v2.1


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  • NBL1037 is the core board, NBL1038 is the core board on the SMD-DIP convert board.
  • This module uses the master Beken (Broadcom) is BK8000L chip module provides high-quality sound and compatibility, overall better performance.
  • Bluetooth module uses driver-free way, customers just need to block access to applications, you can quickly and easily implement wireless transmission of music, enjoy wireless music fun.
  • AT control (volume +/-, play back/next, etc), data send “1234567” via SPP and audio streaming can be performed in the same time.
  • Can store six paired devices, the module is automatically switched back even to the last paired device. If six paired devices simultaneously open, then automatically connect to the last paired device.
  • Very price-effective.
  • Only need 5 wires to control a speaker: VCC, GND, RP, LP  and RN&LN.
  • Stereo output
  • Basic Bluetooth features: Bluetooth v2.1+EDR + A2DPv1.2 + AVRCPv1.0 + HFPv1.5


This module is mainly used for short distance transmission of music, you can easily and notebook computers, mobile phones, PDA and other digital production:

  • Bluetooth devices connected to the product, wireless transmission of music.
  • Stereo Bluetooth speakers;
  • Bluetooth stereo headphones;
  • Bluetooth phone;
  • Bluetooth control and multimedia equipment;
  • Bluetooth SPP serial data transmission.


  • Module name and pass can only be changed when purchase, and only support for more than 10pcs.




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5 reviews for EB8000 Bluetooth Audio&SPP Module BT_v2.1

  1. microtoad

    It’s a very powerful chip !

  2. microtoad

    is exist a complete datasheet for this component ?

  3. microtoad

    can we reprogram bluetooth audio device ?

  4. microtoad

    can we reprogram this blutooth audio devce ?

  5. Chao

    Sorry, don’t have extra datasheet, can not reprogram it.

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