Wifi Serial to Arduino Extension Shield R2, ESP8266


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  • ESP8266 serial to Arduino serial, selectable D0 / D1 or soft serial D2 / D3
  • ESP-12F all pins lead out, is not connected nor occupy by Arduino IO port
  • Can be used independently, can be connected to a standard serial communication FTDI
  • Work commonly in two ways:
    • Arduino send AT commands to ESP-12F module
    • Program ESP-12F specially and communicate with arduino.
  • ADC and ADC external voltage port lead out
  • ESP- 12F IO14, IO12 two programmer LEDs
  • Flash mode switch and LED indicator
  • Note: This is a kit, all the through hole pin headers need to be soldered by yourself.

Version R2:

  • Notice the main image shows the new version.
  • Lead out all arduino pins, 3pins lead out – signal, 5V, GND.
  • Optimized layout.
  • Demo code for wifi configuration, or manupulating esp-12f gpio via AT commands.

Documentation please see on this page.

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