Here is our system how you can earn points:

Action Points Description
Product Review 0.5 Points Notes:

  • Only work for the item you purchased before
  • Only work once for each item
Social Link 0.5 Points Via product “like” button:

  • Facebook
  • Google+1 “like”
  • tweet message
Post Comments 0.5 Points Points will be added when you leave comment on any blog posts.
Referral Registration and Purchase 4 Points How to use:

  • Add “?ref=username” after the product link manually as referral link. Use your own user name.
  • Example:
  • You can use the referral link in your any articles, and use points or get cash back later.
  • Referral purchse need to signed aaccount.
Product Technical Review, Bugs Report
  • Please send your helpful information via email to us at
  • Thank you!

 How to Use Points:

  • 1 points for $1 discount when checkout.
  • Maximum up to 5% to use for purchasing.
  • If you have spare points, it can be requested back as cash back function via paypal (Request minimum 30 points).


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