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  • TPS3110
  • TPA3116D2
Type DC THD+N Ohm Power Class Type
HT6872(PDF) 6.5V 10% 4.7W D Mono
NS4158(PDF) 5V ~10% 5W D Mono
OEP20W 18V 10% 20W D Mono
PAM8403(PDF) 5V 10% 2x 3W Class-D STEREO
PAM8406 - - 2-8Ω 2x 5W Class-D STEREO
PAM8610 13V(7-15V) 10% 2x 10W Class-D STEREO
8002 5V 10% 2W Mono
TDA2030 14V - 14W class-AB Mono
TDA7297 6-18V - - 15+15W - STEREO
TDA7294 40V 100W Class-AB Mono
TPA3116D2 15-50W Class-D Stereo
  • TPA6132A2 - Headphone drive
  • NE5532
  • AD827
  • LM1036



  • * Anti-cut top distortion function (Anti-Clipping Function, ACF)
  • * Excellent full-bandwidth EMI suppression performance
  • · Free digital filter modulation, direct drive speaker
  • ·Output Power
  • 1.40W (VDD = 3.6V, RL = 4Ω, THD + N = 10%)
  • 2.80W (VDD = 5.0V, RL = 4Ω, THD + N = 10%)
  • 4.70W (VDD = 6.5V, RL = 4Ω, THD + N = 10%)
  • High signal to noise ratio SNR: 95dB (VDD = 6.5V, Av = 24dB,
  • THD + N = 1%)
  • Low Quiescent Current
  • Input AC Grounded, Without Load
  • 2.65mA (VDD = 3.6V)
  • 3.25mA (VDD = 5.0V)
  • 4.00mA (VDD = 6.5V)
  • Low Shutdown Current: <1μA (Input AC Grounded, Without
  • Load)
  • · Over-current protection and automatic recovery
  • · Overheating protection
  • Undervoltage protection function
  • · Halogen-free package, SOP8, SOP8-PP and WLCSP-9


HT6872 is a low EMI, anti-cut top distortion, Mono Filter-Free Class D audio power amplifier. At 6.5V power supply, 10% THD + N, 4Ω load conditions, the output power of 4.7W, maintaining high efficiency in all types of audio applications and terminal provides Class AB amplifier performance.

HT6872 is the biggest characteristic anti-cut top distortion (ACF) output control function, can detect and suppress the output signal of the input music, speech signal amplitude caused by excessive cut top distortion (audio break), can adaptively prevent the battery application of output voltage drop caused by the power cut top, dramatically improves sound quality, create a very comfortable listening enjoyment, and to protect the speakers from overload damage. At the same chip has ACF-Off mode.

HT6872 has a unique electromagnetic radiation (EMI) suppression technology and superior performance of full-bandwidth low radiation, the radiation level in the design without the secondary is still far below the FCC Part15 Class B standard, not only to avoid any interference with other sensitive circuits further reduce system design difficulty.

HT6872 integrated filter-free digital modulation techniques, can directly drive the speaker and minimize distortion and noise pulse output signal. Without output filter network, very few external components to save space and cost of the system is ideal for portable applications.

In addition, HT6872 built-in shutdown feature allows minimize standby current, output over-current protection is also integrated, on-chip over-temperature protection and under-voltage protection function abnormalities.


Design Notes PAM8403

  • Two ends of C32 and C34 must connect over PVDD and PGND.

To prevent to noises to speaker:

  1. Pin 3 and Pin 14 should go under the IC to the speaker
  2. Pin 4 and Pin 13 should NOT go under the IC to the speaker
  3. Pin 2 and Pin 15 should NOT go under the IC to the speaker
  • Pin 6 VDD should separated with PVDD, pass C36 cap and after relatively long distance, and finally connect to VCC pin from two trace lines (to make this distance).
  • Not recommended to use single layer board.
  • circuits in the dot line box is optional.