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Type Feature -
TP5000 Li-MnO2, LiFePO4(LFP) charger IC, 1/2A Example
MCP73831 0.5 A charge current, LED indicator Example
TP4056 Linear charging, 1A Example



  • R4 Prog value setting table, see right table
R4 Value set for TP4056.png

The three Charging phase

Stage Description Status LED
Battery voltage > low voltage dection threshold begin to charge CHRG pin = low, STDY = high
Battery voltage < 3V the charger provide a small pre-charge current to the battery. -
Battery voltage > 3V Constant current charge mode -
Battery voltage = 4.2V TP4056 enters constant voltage charge mode, charge current gradually decreases, -
When the charge current drops to charge termination threshold the charge cycle is terminated. CHRG pin = high, STDY = low

Charging Status LEDs

  • Charging - CHRG/ON, STDBY/OFF
  • Charge Done - CHRG/OFF, STDBY/ON
  • Error (battery temperature is too high, too low and other fault conditions, with or without battery access (TEMP use)) - CHRG/OFF, STDBY/OFF
  • No battery detected - CHRG/Blink, STDBY/ON

Other Reference

VBAT to 3V3

  • AP2112

All in one IC

Type Feature Charge / Vout Package
TP5400 / TP5410 - 1A/1A SOP8
TPower TP4213 Volume display, battery protection 1A/1A SOP8
IP5303 / IP5305 / IP5306 - 1A/1A, 1.2A/1A, 2.1A / 2.4A SOP8
FM6316 - 1A/1A SOP8
File:LDR5108 Spec CH V2.3.pdf - 2A / 2A(2.5A double output) SOP14
File:IP5108 brief.pdf, IP5206 - 2A / 2A, 1.5A/2.1A SOP16
TP4202 - 1.5A/2.5A SOP16
HB6266 为同步开关型高效锂离子/锂聚合物电池充电和升压放电控制芯片  ? TSSOP-24 或 QFN-24
TP5602 低成本同步型, display, internal battery protection 3A / 3A QFN24
IP5209 - 3A / 2.4A QFN24
IP5318 QC2.0/QC3.0 4.8A / 3.1A QFN24
CT6551 - 1A/2A SSOP20
  • The rest: BL8579, JW5000, AD6606


  • FP6719 / FP6717 / FP6291 DC-DC Boost
  • PSC5415
  • ME2149
  • Solution - FP6601 + TPS61088

QC Protocol Identify:

  • FM5888
  • LI4001 - LI4001是一款面向5V交流适配器的2A锂离子电池充电芯片。采用700KHz开关降压型转换器拓扑结构工作。LI4001包括完整的涓流充电、恒流充电、恒压充电、充电自动终止电路、自动再充电以及过流保护、短路保护电路。最大2A的可编程充电电流与简单的外围电路造就了一种能被嵌入在各种手持式应用中的小型化充电器。由于集成了温度保护、输入欠压闭锁,提高了芯片的应用可靠性。
  • BQ24170
  • TP5100 - 2A开关降压 8.4V/4.2V锂电池充电器芯片

Lithium Battery Protection

  • 8205S + DW01
Solution and link Header text Current Type
Charge:HB2055 (2DLF) + Boost: CE8301/BL8530(E50D) + Protective: S-8205A/B + DW01 -
TP4056 - 1A Linear
MCP73831 - 0.5A Linear