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Common Type MCU

Type Company Price Package
  • Flash
  • SRAM
! Core
  • UART
  • SPI
  • IIC
  • ADC
  • Timer
  • PWM
  • Comparator
  • DAC
Extra Datasheet link
EFM8BB10 Silabs 8-bit C8051, EFM8 5-7 SO16, QFN20
  • F-8KB
  • R-512B
  • E-?
max 25mhz Y/Y/Y
  • 1/4 x16-bit timer
  • 3 x channel enhanced PWM / PCA
  • Temperature sensor
  • 2xlow-current analog comparators
STM8S003F3P6 STM8 1-2 TSSOP20 8KB/1KB/128b 16 MHz
STC15F101W, STC15F104(W) STC STC15 8-bit C8051 1-2 SOP8 4KB/128B/1KB 5MHz ~ 35MHz? simulate UART - / 2 / - -
STC15W204S STC STC15 8-bit C8051 1-2 SOP8, SOP16 4KB/256B/1KB  ? Y/N/N N/2/?/Y PDF
PIC12F629/675 PIC 1-2 SOP8 1.75KB/64B/128B PDF
ATTINY13A-SSU AVR 8-bit 3-5 SOP8 1KB/64B/64B 20 MHz ISP
  • 4x10bit
  • 1
  • 2
ATmega328/P AVR 8-bit 5-7 DIL28, TQFP 32KB/2KB/1KB 20 MHz Y/Y/Y
  • 8(6)x10b
  • 2+1
  • 6
  • -
  • -
ATmega328/P datasheet link
STM32F030F4P6 STM32 2-4 TSSOP20 16-256 KB/ 4-32KB/ PDF
STM32F103C8T6 STM32 6-8 LQFP48 64or128KB/20KB/? 72 MHz datasheet link
EM78P173N EMC OTP-ROM 0-1 datasheet
MSP430F413 MSP 3-5 64-Pin QFP (PM) and 64-Pin QFN 8KB+256B/256B/- PDF
LGT8F328D Logicgreen 8-bit 2-3 TQFP 32KB/2KB/0~8KB(share with FLASH) 16M (MAX 32M) Y/Y/Y
  • 6x12b
  • -
  • 6
  • -
  • 1

Microcontroller Overview

Definition: A microcontroller is a single chip containing at least a CPU, non-volatile memory, volatile memory, a timer and an I/O control unit.

Basically a microcontroller can be described as a computer on a chip. The difference between a microcontroller and a regular PC is that the PC is a general purpose computer while a microcontroller is a computer dedicated to one or just a few tasks.

A microcontroller apart from the above mentioned components usually also include, but not limited to, serial communication capabilities, interrupt controls and analog I/O capabilities. The figure below gives the basic layout of a general AVR microcontroller.
Microcontoller Components.png

Microcontroller (MCU) vs Microprocessor

What is a microcontroller?

A Microcontroller is basically a computer on a chip. It differs form normal desktop or laptop computers in that a microcontroller is an application specific computer that usually runs a single program performing dedicated task(s) while the the later two are general purpose computers that can run numerous programs depending on a users needs. A microcontroller contains on chip CPU, input/output interface, memory, clock, timer, and an assortment of of other peripherals.

A Microprocessor on the other hand is just a CPU one has to add externally memory, clock, input/output interfaces, timer and all other needed peripheral. This is the reason a microprocessor has so many pins.


Advantages of a similar microcontroller vs microprocessor product

  • Product smaller - A microcontroller product has many components on one chip and so is more compact. With a microprocessor product one have to add several other chips and so its bulky.
  • Cheaper - All the components on a microcontroller is manufacturer on a single chip and so is mush cheaper than having to manufacture several chips as is the case for a microprocessor system.
  • AVR Tutorials hopes that this tutorial on microcontroller vs microprocessor systems was beneficial to you and looks for to your continued visits for all your microcontroller tutorial needs.


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