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Type CPU SoC RAM GPU Main Features Extra Feature
Raspberry Pi 1 BCM2835 700mhz - single core ARMv6 512MB
Raspberry Pi 2 BCM2836 900mhz - quad core ARMv7 - 1G Broadcom VideoCore IV
Raspberry Pi 3 Broadcom BCM2837 4× ARM Cortex-A53, 1.2GHz 1GB LPDDR2 (900 MHz) Broadcom VideoCore IV
Banana Pi Pro Allwinner A20 - dual core ARMv7 1G Mali 400MPI2
Orange Pi One Allwinner H3 1.2 GHZ - dual core ARMv7 512MB DDR3 Mali400MP2GPU @ 600mhz
  • TF/HDMI/RJ45
  • 40_Pin
Orange Pi Zero Allwinner H2+ 1.2 GHZ - dual core ARMv7 256 or 512MB DDR3 Mali400MP2GPU @ 600mhz, OPEN GL ES2.0
  • TF//RJ45
  • 260_Pin RPI Compatible + 13_Pin
OnBoard Wifi XL819, SPI FLASH, Serial Interface


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