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Breakout Board

  • Front pins: GPIO12 GPIO13 GPIO14 GPIO4 GPIO5 GPIO15
  • Back pins: GPIO16 GPIO0 GND TX RX VCC
  • Pin arrangement for default firmware:
  1. GPIO13(D4) control the 1st relay
  2. GPIO12(D5) control the 2nd relay (pull up)
  3. GPIO14(D6) control the 3rd relay
  4. GPIO16(D7) control the 4th relay
  5. GPIO4 (D8) control the 5th relay


  • Scan qr code to start



Esp8285 schematic 02.jpg

Embedded Soldering

Esp8285 soldering 01.jpg Esp8285 soldering.jpg

Firmware note

  • Change SPI mode to DOUT, flash to 8MBit, should esp8266 normal at commands firmware or nodemcu, mostly same.

Esp8285 flash.png

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