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Quick Start Guide

  • See the general board setup on this page.
  • Set unique and complex your own control ID (module ID and topic), for example named ID is electroled, than full ID is "ESP-electroled"
  • Control command is, for exmaple, change light to green, hex command is #00ff00.


Board Definition

Board Pin Description Select
Terminal_in ->Vin Up to 27V or 5V input 27V <Vin> 5V
Terminal_in ->V_LED connect to Vin, up to 27V or 5V input for led output 27V <V_led> 5V
V->Terminal_out = V_LED power for led strip
R RGB red channel, or WS2812 IO2 signal can also be used for single white led strip, W4
G RGB green channel, or WS2812 ground can also be used for single white led strip, W3
B RGB blue channel can also be used for single white led strip, W2
W White single led strip channel W1

Pin Definition

  • Following pin definition also compare to H801
ESP8266 Pin ESP Light Pin Other similar board pin (H801)
15 R R - Red
13 G G - Green
12 B B- Blue
14 W1 - White W1 - White
4 IIC W2 - White
1 ESP-Tx Signal green led
5 IIC Power red led
2 WS2812 signal ESP-Tx


WS2812 for nodeMCU

uart.setup(0, 115200, 8, uart.PARITY_NONE, uart.STOPBITS_1, 1) -- re-init uart in case
ws2812.write(string.char(255, 255, 255, 255, 0, 0)) -- turn the two first RGB leds to green

Commands send in H801 protocol

  • Install sendip in linux
  • commands should be: sendip -p ipv4 -is -p udp -us 5070 -ud 5060 -d "Hello" -v


Orignal Firmware avaialble here. Demo code


APP MQTT Dashboard commands reference

  • use in MQTT Dashboard
Send Function Demo code
1ON/1OFF, 2ON/2FF Turn ON or OFF
0 ~ 255 Set light brightness
RGB Color Hex value: #6FC2F4 Supported
RGB Color rgb(244,44,244)