ESP Relay Board Hardware

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ESP Board Configuration

  • Board configuration

VDC board - AC relay control

  • to switch to control AC mains power, need to remove two 1206 0R resistors on board. Then power from left green terminal = relay output (and terminal)
  • To supply power on board control circuit, add 6-27V power to "ALT VIN" pins

Board Configuration

  • Setup for VDC relay board.
Setup Terminal Input Relay Output Power On Board ESP Power
None 5-28V Vin From Terminal From Terminal via regulator MP1584, AMS1117
Jumper set to 5V 5V Vin From Terminal From Terminal via regulator AMS1117
remove 2 x 0R resistors AC 250VAC or DC 30VDC max From Terminal Use 1x2 Pin ALT Vin

Pin Definition

  • Pin Definition for standard esp relay board, relay VDC board, relay SPDT board.
ESP8266 -> IO12 IO13 IO16 IO14 IO4 IO5 IO0 IO2 IO15
Board Function Relay 1 Relay 2 Status LED DHT22 Lead out and pull-up pins (for IIC) Lead out and pull-up pins (for IIC) button BTN2 button BTN1 Lead out pins
Description relay 10A load max. relay 10A load max. - pull-up 10K resistor Pull-up resistors 4.7K (cuttable) Pull-up resistors 4.7K (cuttable) for entering into flash mode customize programming Lead out GPIO