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  • Vi: type i to edit, type esc to exit edit mode, type :x to save editing
  • screen
Name Type available in description
neo4j Example Example
Napkin Example Example
JRuby Example Example
Java coding Example
ssh network Example
git coding Example
lsof Example Example
libc6-armel Example Example
Bash common Example
Busybox Example Example
cpulimit system Example
Transmission network openwrt
Shadowsocks network openwrt
mjpeg streamer video Example
Linux Motion video Example
Nano editor Example
opkg system Example
perl coding Example
vsftpd network Example
wget network Example
yaaw network Example
Htop system Example monitor system status
Psensor system Example monitor CPU status
apache2 internet Example apache internet server
nginx internet Example widely used internet server, maybe better than apache2
Php5 internet Example lanuage
mysql internet Example database
  • matchbox-keyboard florence sudo
  • apt-get install gdebi
  • sudo apt-get install synaptic