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Common Control ICs



  • All LCDs are 16bit data
Size Color /Bits
2.4 - 320*240 - 65K ILI9341 <- ILI9325 (New V2.1) <- S6D1121 (Old V1.2)
3.2 - 320*240 - 65K ILI9341 (TFT_320QVT_9341) <- SSD1289 (TFT_320QVT)
3.2-W - 400*240 - 262K (discountined) HX8352
4.3 - 480*272 - 16M SSD1963
5.0 - 800*480 - 16M SSD1963
7.0 - 800*480 - 16M SSD1963
  • Touch panel control IC XPT2046
  • Module the user through the back of the PCB J3 pad set 8/16 bit interface, shorting J3 pad module in 16-bit mode, not less then work in 8-bit mode, module shipments default OPEN, which is shippedThe default is 8-bit interface, 8-bit mode, only 8 (DB8-DB15, DB0-DB7 ground or to unsettled to connect). 8-bit interface occupied IO than 16 interface occupied IO to 8 less, but more slowly, 16-bit interface occupied IO 8 more, but faster).

Pins Definition

  • Extra VCC, GND, LEDA (LED back light) also need to connect
  • LED_A Pins for the back light of the screen, max volt at 3.2V, connect 20ohm for 3.3V, and 500ohm for 5V, as a current limited purpose.
LCDs Pins Description Touch Pin Description SD Card Pin Description
RS Data / Command D_CLK Clock SD_SCK Clock pin
WR Write D_CS Chip Select SD_DIN Data in
RD Read D_DIN Data in SD_CS Chip select
CS Chip Select D_DOUT Data out SD_DOUT Data out
RST Reset D_PENIRQ Interruppt
D0-D15 Data Pin


3.5 ILI9481 LCD Arduino Shield

  • The modules were equipped with six Arduino display test code and test code 6 SD card.
  • The test code applies to UNO and Mega2560, can test the line corresponding to the location, no wiring.
  • Example 01: Simple test for the most simple test, do not rely on the install repository directly scraper RGB test module hardware is good or bad.
  • Example02 ~ 06: dependent libraries are required, first Install libraries inside the library are copied to the Arduino library path.
  • Extended routine SDCard Exten Example and Example05-ShowBMP all need to use the SD card, SD card test program involving only supports UNO series, does not support Mega2560.
  • The test procedures used by the IDE version: arduino-1.6.2-windows, such as the user's version is below 1.62 may be a compilation error, please replace to the new version.

Other demo code and datasheet

Arduino code



Pin Definition

  • Discountined Boards

LCD wiring

  • Extra wiring for arduino
Display Pin Arduino Pin Discription
LEDA V3.3 Back light
Reset 16 - A2 reset
CS 17 - A3 chip select
WR 18 - A4 Write register
RS 10 - A5 Register select

Board schematic


Demo code and library

AVR code for ITDB02

Arduino Code - Quick Test Code


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