RC01 RDA5981C + RDA5856QE32 Module

This is a highly integrated module, include RDA5981C and RDA5856QE32 inside: RDA5981C – is 32Mbit Wifi SOC IC, support embedOS programming, for more information about RDA5981, please check wiki page.  RDA5856QE32 is a Bluetooth BLE+EDR (Bluetooth 4.0 + 2.0) dual mode audio module. Also has SDK programming supported. Please notice this part of wiki page

RDA5981x1 Mini Dev. Board R1

Based on RDA5981xA Module (8Mbit) Module. On Board USB-TTL CH340 USB Debugger. On board one power LED (not necessary because same to module power led). A switch can switch USB port to CH340 debugger or to output of module USB bus interface. Lead out all pins, please see attached image. I2S pins breakout again on


RDA5981A is a low power MCU with IEEE802.11b/g/n MAC/PHY/radio integrated into one chip. TCP/IP protocols along with SSL are included, providing improved link robustness, extended range, and increased performance. For the highest integration level, the required board space has been minimized and customer cost has been reduced. Manufacturers can easily and fast integrate RDA5981A on

RDA5981X1 WIFI Module, RDA5981A

Based on RDA5981A SOC, should be 8Mbit internal flash. This is a very new IC, price for 5981A is about 1 USD, according to sales, still have some bugs currently. We will sell this soon. ARM Cortex M4F Core, 160M frequency speed. Up to 16 free GPIOs 2x UART up to 4Mbit, 8x PWM, 4x