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Tiny Battery All in One Board – Use Demo

We have this item available here. it’s a great lithium battery all in one management board, including  circuit protection, charging and DC 5V step-up, sounds good? You can directly power it up your arduino board.

Like Shown in the picture below, the charge power comes from the right of the power, and battery solder in the middle, final step-up VCC 5V output from the left.

battery power

The size of this board is very tiny, it contains some soldering pads for wiring and also two 2.54 standard pins. How it make it easy to use, let’s see.

We we solder some break away headers like shown in the picture directly on the pads, and also build the dupont female connectors on the lithium battery, then you can simply plug it on and use!


For how to build the dupont header, see the video after break:

Further points:

Design a better bottom board to support this “core” board will make a lot more easier, amount the battery directly on this bottom, you can quickly can get a rechargeable module for your smart system.


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  1. poulbran says:

    That dupont connector crimper tool is invaluable.

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