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Measure A System Current Consumption Draw, Arduino in Case

Everything on the electronic worlds nowadays are are low energy consumption now, for example, the new BLE4.0 technology enable your Bluetooth system run for a year with a simple button cell bettery. So how is our system energy need, and what kind of battery or power supply we will need, let’s take a measurement.

We will measure the arduino UNO system here, the current meter are serial connected on the VCC net wire, we try use both 9V battery and USB power from laptop, it seems the 9V battery draw more current, it’s slowly drop down from 40ma to 30ma.

You can get some useful tools from us if you are going to try this:

Before you begin, remember to set your multimeter to measure current if you want to avoid breaking things. On our meter, I turn the dial to the “A” setting firstly and later on “mA” (to say I want to read milliamps).


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  1. poulbran says:

    Yea blew a meter like this after realizing wall amperage is not something to play with.

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