10PCs SW-18020P – Vibration Switch Sensor


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This is a really simple vibration switch, it use very common in electronics toys, alarm, domestic appliance, electronics devices, smart home system.

Electrical Specs:
  • Voltage: less than12V
  • Current: <20mA
  • Conductive time: about 2ms
  • Closed resistance: <10 ohm\
  • Open resistance: >10M ohm
  • Temperature range: Operating: -40 to 80’C
  • Pull force of terminal: 500gf for 1 minute
  • Humidity: 95% RH, 40°C for 96 hours
  • Operating lifespan: above 200,000 cycles


  • Automotive devices
  • Home electrical devices
  • automatic power-off function for household appliances
  • Air conditon / Air warm blower fall prevention protect switches
  • Communication devices
  • Toys
  • SW-18020 series is spring type, Non-direction vibration induced trigger switches, any angle can be trigger.
  • The series of switches, at the rest is open circuit “OFF-state”, When the external force to touch and reach the corresponding vibration, Or move in speed to reach the adequate centrifugal force. The conductive feet will be conduct instantaneously “ON-State”. When the external force disappear, the switches will be revert the “OFF-State”.
  • Switch have the identification “P” at the bottom, for completely airtight;
  • The series of switches, different model has different sensitivity.
  • In the normal, the switches lifespan can be reached 200,000 cycles.
  • Suitable for the toys, anti-theft alarm system, electronics scales etc electronic product.
  • It doesn’t have a direction, normally it’s open circuit inside, and it turns to close when it is shaked  instantly, and then turn to open again when motion is gone.


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