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Here is our system how you can earn points:

  • Points can be used for next purchase, 1 points for $1 discount when checkout.
  • Points can also be requested back as cash via paypal (Request minimum 30 points).
  • Or be used to apply a permanant membership (10% discount).
Action Points Notes
Product Purchase 5% Added to your account after purchase
Product Review 0.5 Points Only work for the item you purchased before

Only work once for each item

Social Link 0.3-0.5 Points Via product “like” button (Facebook, Google+1 “like”, tweet message)
Post Comments 0.5 Points Points will be added when you leave comment on any blog posts.
Referral Registration and Purchase 4 Points How to use:

Add “?ref=username” after the product link manually as referral link. Use your own user name. Example:

You can use the referral link in your any articles, and use points or get cash back later.

Referral purchse need to be signed account.

Product Technical Review, Bugs Report Please send your helpful information via email to us at Thank you!

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[rs_generate_referral referralbutton=”show” referraltable=”show”]