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Stamp Hole Penalizing and Drill Line Array ULP

Here is a simple post to explain how to use a line of drill holes to penalize three boards design into one 10*10 board.


Some notes:

  • This is only works for 10*10CM board, 5*5CM is too small to do so
  • You can get free three boards penalizing for free!
  • You can also use the drill holes as pads.

First you need to get this ULP file here, and let is follow the instruction:

1. add a zero width line for a line array of the drills holes in to layer 46.

You see the cyan color line of the left of the picture below, it is not very clear to see:

zero width line

2. run the ULP

3. use mm setting here for us, you can use mil no problem, setting as follow:

  • change unit to mm.
  • change drill diameter to 0.8mm
  • tick “enter hole pitch”, and use 2.54 mm instead.
  • The resting setting can keep default.

drill arrary creator setting

4. Now see the first picture, there is a drill hole array line appear on the 0 width line between the two boards (not the one of the left), pitch 2.54mm to separate the board, however our this two boards are very small, cant reach 10*10 mm.

5. When you receive the board, give the line a little force, it will break nicely.


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