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Firmware Marlin

  • Get firmware from
  • Start the arduino IDE. Select Tools -> Board -> Arduino Mega 2560 or your microcontroller Select the correct serial port in Tools ->Serial Port Open Marlin.pde, Click the Verify/Compile button)


  • General In "Configuration.h”
Change line 46 to “#define MOTHERBOARD 33”for ramps
  • For 2004 LCD kit
  1. Change line 306
“#define REPRAP_DISCOUNT_SMART_CONTROLLER” (just remove the // at the beginning)
  1. Change line 326
“#define NEWPANEL //enable this if you have a click-encoder panel” (just remove the // at the beginning)
  1. Switch over to "Pins.h" and change line 318 =
“#define RAMPS_V_1_3” (just remove the // at the beginning)
  • For thermistors, enable and disable the temperature sensor, you can find and set it to 0
#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 1
#define TEMP_SENSOR_1 0
#define TEMP_SENSOR_2 0
  • Set the thermistors maximum temperature:
#define HEATER_0_MAXTEMP 275
#define HEATER_1_MAXTEMP 275
#define HEATER_2_MAXTEMP 275
#define BED_MAXTEMP 120




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