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  • Work together with Avr studio 4.17, if your version is not 4.17, need to refresh firmware once, this is can be done automatically by avr studio in the main menu.
  • Enter in the AVR studio menu, plug the JTAG, then you should enter into the firmware upgrading menu during the red led flashing on the JTAG (about 10 secs)

AVR prog.png

  • If you see the following error, which means either you miss the red led flashing time, or your COM port is not correctly set (within 1-4 COM)

Error on connecing.png

  • Select the correct firmware to upload:

Select firmware jtag.png

  • Once the JTAG finished its upgradation, the red LED will keep constant ON.


  • USB Driver (CH340/CH341 USB-TTL)
  • please make sure the device use a Com with number less than four, otherwise it's may not stable, and do not choose a COM that conflict with others.
  • You will need restart computer after installation
  • 10K pull-up resistor is already included in the device, not necessary add anymore.
  • Pin 7 and 8 should stay NC.

Jtag wiring.png

Working with AVR studio and minimum system

Jtag in working.png
Jtag interface.png

Stop power supply to external device

you have to remove the resistor in the device like shown below
Jtag 5v power supply to external device.png