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Use Guide

  • To Computer:
  1. Use TTL-RS232 convert board
  2. Module power supply 3.3 V
  3. TX and RX connected to RX and TX
  • To other modules
  1. TX and RX connected to RX and TX
  2. Module supply 3.3V
  • Module into the AT test methods
  1. Open HyperTerminal or other serial debugging tools to set the baud rate (default 9600), 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control
  2. Convert TTL level RS232 computer serial port connection
  3. Send commands AT carriage return line returns OK
  4. Module will only enter into AT commands mode before pairing, after pairing it's communication mode.

AT Commands

See the available Command list on this page. BC04-B Bluetooth serial module instruction is divided into Command (downlink command) and Indication (reporting instructions). (NOTE: AT commands are not case-sensitive, are carriage return, newline character at the end: \ r \ n AT instruction only in the state of the module is not connected to take effect once the Bluetooth module connected to the device, the Bluetooth module that entering data pass-through mode)
See the full Command List on this page.

Pairing Info

Pairing info.png

The pairing info of BC04B module, it will directly searching last paired module or says "pairable" when no devices can be paired
fff... This is the info I typed from cell phone

  • Bluetooth name: BC04-B
  • password: 1234
  • Baud rate: 9600