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  • Make sure network register, net led blink every 3 seconds
Command Description Return Result
ATD+number; don't forget the ";" after AT commands, for example "ATD18576608994;" OK -
ATA answer the incoming phone call OK -
  • ATH
hangoff current phone call OK -
AT+COLP show up the calling number +COLP:"10086",129,"","" -
AT+CLIP (AT+CLIP=1) sown up the number of incomming call +CLIP:"15124532672",161,"",,"ailin",0, -
AT+VTS=* send DTMF audio. for example, when we call the service provider number and need the press number 1 for operation, you can do AT+VTS=1 - -
AT+CSDVC 1 = microphone output, 3 = speaker output
AT+CLVL=? Check volume range
AT+CLVL=2 Set volume to 2
AT+CLIP=1 Enable calling number display
  • List avaialble number book: AT+CPBS=?
  • Choose sim book: AT+CPBS="SM"
  • List number book range: AT+CPBR=?
  • list number book contents: AT+CPBR=1,10
  • write a contact into number book -> AT+CPBW="13800138000",,"China mobile"
  • check if avaialble by: AT+CPBF="China mobile"
  • Delete -> AT+CPBW=2

Call Steps

Voice output mode and volume adjustment

  • AT+CSDVC=1 //Switch to headphones
  • AT+CSDVC =3 //Switch to the speaker
  • AT+CLVL =? // Query the volume range, return +CLVL: (0-5) //The volume is 0~5 adjustable
  • AT+CLVL=2 //Set the volume to 2, return OK

answer the phone

  • Caller serial port display: RING
  • Send "ATA" // answer the call
  • Send "AT+CHUP" // Hang up the phone

Audio parameter debugging

  • +CACDBFN: (Handset_cal.acdb,Handset_tianmai.acdb) // It is recommended to consider setting this parameter
  • OK

A. The module is powered on during the initialization phase. Before making a call, add the following

  • AT^PWRCTL=0,1,3 // Mainly improve TDD noise effect
  • OK

B. Module establishes a voice call

  • VOICE CALL: BEGIN // Module call setup is performed to improve call performance
  • AT+CECM=1 //Echo suppression processing
  • OK
  • AT+CECH=0x500 //Improve the volume effect of the mobile phone
  • OK


  • AT+CLDTMF=2,"1,2,3,4,5"
  • AT+VTS=1 send DTMF voice, this is send "1" tone