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Lora and similar


  • China LoRa Application Alliance (CLAA) recommended 470 ~ 510MHz. The main frequency ranges in other areas are as follows:
  • Europe 863 to 870
  • North America 902 to 928


  • the world's mainstream band is 800MHz and 900MHz. China Telecom will use 800MHz as the preferred band for deploying NB-IoT.
  • China Unicom will choose 900MHz to deploy NB-IoT
  • China Mobile may re-build the existing 900MHz band.
  • The main frequency of NB-IoT on a global scale is shown in the following table:


  • Europe, Middle East: 868MHz (ETSI 300220) 863 to 870
  • North America: 902MHz (FCC part 15) 902 to 928
  • South America / Australia / New Zealand: 920MHz (ANATEL 506, AS / NZS 4268).


  • as an open standard LPWAN wireless technology, it works throughout the entire license-free Sub-GHz ISM / SRD band, which can be deployed globally: 169/433/470/780/868/915/923MHz.

Selection Guide

Type MCU Description Range Power Use (wake up on air) Speed / Kbps Size Power TX / RX
SX1278 / SX1276 - Typical version Lora 3K 30uA 19.2 5.1 cm^2 120mA / 9.9mA
SX1262 / SX1268 - Updated version lora 5K 15uA 62.5 4.16 cm^2
SX1211 / SX1212 - Ultra Low Power - - - - 25 / 3 mA
SX1280 - 2.4G version of SX1278
ASR6501 Y internal SX1262

SX1278 / SX1276 / SX1262

Header text Frequency Power Spec
SX1278 137-525MHz 20dBm 扩频因子6-12,BW 7.8-500kHz,空中速率0.018-37.5kbps
SX1276 137-1020MHz 20dBm 扩频因子6-12,BW 7.8-500kHz,空中速率0.018-37.5kbps
SX1262 150-960MHz 22dBm 扩频因子5-12,BW 7.81-500kHz,空中速率0.018-62.5kbps


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