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  • EL817 - File:EL817.pdf
  • TLP280 - dual way
  • EL3H7(E)-G
  • EL357N(C)
  • PC814 / PC817
  • LTV-356

Type Direction IF(RMS) VCEO Isolation voltage Package
6N137 Example Example
KP10104 Example Example
TLP112A 1CH 20mA - 2500Vrms SOP5 TTL Compatible
TLP521-1 1CH-SI 50mA 55V 2500Vrms SOP4
TLP280 1CH_BI 50mA 80V 2500Vrms SOP4
TLP281 1CH-SI 50mA 80V 2500Vrms SOP4
PC817 1CH-SI 50mA 80V 5kV DIL4
EL3H7 Example Example
EL817 / PC817 1CH-SI 50mA 80V 5000Vrms SOP4
EL357N Example Example
EL185GB Example Example
LTV-352T Example Example

  • SI = Single direction, BI = bidirection

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