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SX1278 / SX1276 / SX1262

Header text Frequency Power Spec
SX1278 137-525MHz 20dBm 扩频因子6-12,BW 7.8-500kHz,空中速率0.018-37.5kbps
SX1276 137-1020MHz 20dBm 扩频因子6-12,BW 7.8-500kHz,空中速率0.018-37.5kbps
SX1262 150-960MHz 22dBm 扩频因子5-12,BW 7.81-500kHz,空中速率0.018-62.5kbps
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Header text Gain Price Data Speed Range Power
SX1268 (433Mhz) / SX1262 (Sub1Ghz) 22dBm lower price 62.5kbps 5KM 110mA / 10mA / 2uA
SX1278 (433Mhz) / SX1276 (Sub1Ghz) 20dBm - 37.5kbps 3KM 130mA / 15mA / ?
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