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  • Support BLE 5.0 and classic SPP BT 2.1 version
  • Only suitable for data transmission situation
  • Only slave mode
  • Tranmission 10-15 meter
  • Uart buffer 1K bytes, rate 115200

Power supply

  • 2.2-3.4V, recommanded to use 3.3V
  • Support coil cell battery, or 2x 1.5V AA battery
  • Boot instant current 20mA, and then enter into broadcasting and wakeup alternate mode
  • standby & connected-mode current 4mA
  • Low-power boardcasting mode 20uA
  • Boardcasting for 100ms, and enter into sleep mode 400ms, total cycle is 500ms


  • AT commands works only when non-connect status
  • Enter into data transmission mode when in connected mode

LED status

  • Output 1 second high TTL when boot
  • constant high when in connected mode

Pin Definion

  • LED: output boot or connection status
  • GND
  • RXD (R): Serial UART RXD
  • TXD (T): Serial UART TXD
  • 3V3: Power supply 2.2-3.4V


AT commands list

  • AT+CT set baud rate
  • AT+CZ Chip reset Chip soft reset
  • AT+CW chip reset to factory settings
  • AT+CL chip low power consumption setting
  • AT+BM set BLE Bluetooth name
  • AT+BN set BLE MAC address
  • AT+BD set SPP Bluetooth name
  • AT+BS Set BLE connection password This function is not implemented
  • AT+QT query the baud rate of the system
  • AT+QL query the low power consumption status of the system
  • AT+TM query BLE Bluetooth name
  • AT+TN query BLE Bluetooth address
  • AT+TD Query SPP Bluetooth name
  • AT+TS Query BLE Bluetooth connection password Reserved

AT commands examples

Set baud rate

  • AT+CT01\r\n Baud rate 9600
  • AT+CT02\r\n Baud rate 19200
  • AT+CT03\r\n Baud rate 38400
  • AT+CT04\r\n Baud rate 57600
  • AT+CT05\r\n Baud rate 115200
  • AT+CT06\r\n Baud rate 256000

Set BLE, phone and SPP name

  • AT+BMBLE-1234\r\n set the Bluetooth name to "BLE-1234"
  • AT+BN112233445566\r\n Set the address of BLE. The address displayed on the mobile phone is: 66 55 44 33 22 11
  • AT+BDSPP-1234\r\n set the Bluetooth name to "SPP-1234"

query the names

  • AT+TM\r\n returns TM+1234\r\n, the Bluetooth name is 1234
  • AT+TN\r\n returns TN+12345678AABB\r\n BLE Bluetooth address: 0xBB, 0xAA, 0x78, 0x56, 0x34, 0x12
  • AT+TD\r\n returns TD+SPP1234\r\n, the Bluetooth name is SPP1234

enter into low-power broadcasting mode

  • AT+CL00\r\n does not enter low power consumption mode. It will be effective next time it is powered on. Pay attention to power on again after setting
  • AT+CL01\r\n enter low power consumption mode. It will be effective next power-on. Pay attention to power on again after setting

enable or disable BLE SPP function

  • AT+B401\r\n enable BLE function. Of course AT+B400\r\n is closed
  • AT+B500\r\n Turn off the SPP function. Of course AT+B501\r\n is turned on
  • AT+T4\r\n Query whether the BLE function is enabled. The chip will return T4+01 or T4+00
  • AT+T5\r\n Query whether the SPP function is enabled. The chip will return T5+01 or T5+00