EY-08 Hardware

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Quick Start and Notice

About AT Commands

  • AT commands at default rate 115200
  • Commands no need \r\n
  • AT+PASS123456 to set password to 123456, AT+MAC to check mac address: +MAC:A81B6A85C841
  • Module in AT Commands mode when NOT connected. And enter into data transmission mode when it paired.

About Pairing

  • No need to pair, set working mode and use directly
  • master module can only allow one slave module connect.

About Sleep Mode

  • Pull P00 to low to wake up the module from sleep mode, then module can accept data tranmission. This pin is internal pull up.

About hardware design.

  • Power supply must use 3.3 or 3V for final products

About Features

  • in room distance is 15-30 meters, max to 60 meters.
  • Tranmission data speed is 1KB/s
  • Do not support 2.0 or 3.0 bluetooth version.

Features Modes

  1. Slave transmission data mode, APP tranmission mode
  2. Wechat tranmission mode
  3. iBeacon mode ( wechat shake or iBeacon mode )
  4. Sensor mode
  5. Master sensor mode
  6. Master observation mode
  7. PWM, RTC or IO control (command from host MCU or BLE data )
  8. iBeacon indoor location mode RTC
  9. Support LED product, vibration product mode


  • Tested on 3V3
  • write data to support hundreds of bytes to write (for example, 512 bytes)
  • Transmission distance 15 - 30 meters
Operating mode state current
Slave Transmission Mode Connected / Not Connected / Standby 0.8mA / 300uA / 1uA
Slave Broadcast mode (IBeacon, sensor) 0.5mA / 300uA / 1uA
Host Transmission Mode Connection / Not connected / Standby 20mA / 9mA / 1uA
Host observer mode (Sensor) Connection / Not connected / Standby 9mA

Dimension, Pin definition

  • Pin definition
Pin Number Definition Function Note
1 VCC Power Supply 3V or 3.3V
2 P22 -
3 P21 -
4 P20 -
5 P17 -
6 P16 Bluetooth Status LOW - Connected
7 P11 PWM2 control by APP
8 P12 IO1 control by APP
9 P13 IO2 control by APP
10 P15 IO3 control by APP
11 SCK Example
12 SDA Example
13 P14 IO4 control by APP
14 P10 PWM1
15 P07 PWM3
16 P06 PWM4
17 P05 NC in new version (RTC Alarm IO) Boardcasting status LED, IO output low when the RTC timing time expires
18 P04 NC in new version (RTC Alarm IO) IO output low when the RTC timing time expires
19 P03 TXD serial
20 P02 RXD serial
21 P01 - AT commands mode, normally high, when connected turn to low, but can push to high for sending at commands when connected
22 P00 PWRC - module sleep wake-up pin
  • internal pull-up usually high
  • when not connected, sleep mode , push to wake up
  • when connected, wake up mode, push to disconnect
  • when connected, sleep mode, push to wake up.
23 RST Resets the hardware reset pin
24 GND Power ground

Sleep Mode and Power Saving

  • Command AT+SLEEP to put into sleep mode
  • User can pull Pin00 down to wake up.
  • default 100ms boadcasting current comspution is 500uA, 300ms is less than 100uA, in sleep mode no need boarcasting is 1uA
  • Wake up BLE, then wake up MCU via BLE, will save power better

Breakout Board NBL1061

  • PWRC - P00 wake up pin
  • STAT - P16 bluetooth status
  • LED - P05 Bluetooth boardcasting LED

Schematic of Reference design

For sleep mode

  • P00 is wake-up pin, pull down to wake up after use send at+sleep
  • P05 - broadcasting pin, blink when broadcasting
  • P16 - Connection Status, TTL can be reversed
  • P01 - normally low, when connected can still pull to low to enter into AT commands mode