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9-10 DOF Integration IMU

Model Type Accelerator Gyroscope Magnetometer Barometer Status
EY86 10 DOF MPU-6050 MPU-6050 HMC5883L MS5611 retired
EY88 10 DOF MPU-6050 MPU-6050 HMC5883L BPM085 retired
EY951 9 DOF ADXL345 ITG-3200 HMC5883L -
EY652 - - - HMC5983 BMP180
EY952 - DOF Serial Output -
EY-91 10 DOF MPU-9250 MPU-9250 MPU-9250 BMP280


  • Dimension

User reference

  • Use arduino I2C scanner you can find the device address, here: I2C_Scanner
  • A demo sketch available at here for EY80.