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Library Description Items and buy link Types
con-jst Example Example Con
con-jack Example Example Con
Pinheader.lbr standard DIP 2.54 pinheader Example Con
ref-package.lbr all kinds of package available Example Reference
Com-3m.lbr - ZIF; DIP Toggle Switch; Con
Special.lbr DIP switches, heatsink Example Con
con-cypressindustries.lbr A few types of USB available Example Con
Crystal.lbr Crystal Crystal hc49s PRT
LED.lbr LED 3mm led; 5mm led, 0805 led PRT
RCL.lbr RCL * PTH Ceramic Cap - C-EU025-025X050; PTH Resistor - C-EU_0207/10 PRT
Silab.lbr CP210X Example IC
ULN-UDN.lbr ULN2003AD Example IC
Supply1.lbr Power Supply symbol N/A Reference
v-reg.lbr 78XX, LM317 Example IC
con-xmultiple.lbr RJ11, RJ45 RJ11, RJ45 PRT
con-harting-ml.lbr shrouded header shrouded header Con
74xx-eu.lbr 7400 Series IC 7400 Series IC