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Flash Method

USB Sunxi-fel Programming

  • Install driver from phoenix tools or Zadig
  • Flash by sunxi-fel
  • default debug Uart output port 1, PA2 PA3

SD Card Image Flash Method

Firmware Image

phoenix tool

  • It is a ready-only demo system
  • CPU Boot Mode and Flash IMG to Target
Allwinner USB device.png
  • Flash software PhoenixSuit
Mode TF Card SD_NAND SPI-Flash Flash Target
PROG Mode No Card NC
  • SPI_CS -> GND
  • Disable Flash
  • Not Necessary if no SPI-Flash mounted
Flash Target
SPI-Flash Boot No Card NC NC Disconnect SPI_CS to flash SPI-Flash (connect SPI_Flash)
SD_NAND Boot No Card -> CS -> GND (Optional? ) SD_NAND->CS to flash SD_NAND (connect SD_NAND)
TF Card Boot Inserted Card NC -> GND (Not Necessary) Insert TF card to flash TF card (connect TF Card)


  • Support either SPI Flash or TF card boot
  • For nano, find file folder Nano_Pub_V4 enter into build folder