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EPM570 with jumper.png
  • Do not plug the JTAG with power, this will damage the board
  • Burned program blink LED on factory setting, when you power the board, the series LED will blink
  • Board support both EPM240T100C5N and EPM570T100C5N
For EPM240T100C5N: PIN37, 39, 88, 90 is for IO
For EPM570T100C5N: PIN37, 90 must connect GND, and PIN39, 88 must connect 3v3. And for EPM570T100C5N board, there are four jumpers on the board, please do not remove.


FPGA start.gif
  • Create project
  • Create BDF (block diagram / schematic) file
  • Verilog file
  • Set .v file as symbol


Programmer - Quartus Prime 16.0 Programmer

  • provide power alone, JTAG can not power the target
  • programming file support *.sof *.pof *.jam *.jbc *.ekp *.jic

Tool Chain

Quartus Use Guidelines

  • Setup projects, devices, devices and pin options (unused pins -> all input tri-stated, voltage 3.3V LVTTL)
  • Write first Verilog HDL code
  • Start -> Start analysis and synthesis (CTRL+K, Processing)
  • Netlist reviewers (Tool) -> check RTL viewer
  • Pin Plannar (assignment)-> assign pins (CLK_IN -> PIN_J5, LED1 -> PIN_K11, LED2 -> PIN_N15, rst_n_in -> PIN_J9)
  • Start Complilation (CTRL+L,Processing)
  • Programmer (Tool)


Quartus 11

  • Install 11.0_quartus_windows
  • Install 11.0_devices_windows -> include only Cyclone II, Max II


  • Install QuartusProgrammerSetup-