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  • purpose: RF or power
  • the inductance of the current and its nominal sense of the amount is related to the same size specifications, the greater the nominal sense of the smaller saturation current. General purpose ferrite chip inductor 0805 specifications Saturated circuit range: 5mA ~ 300mA between.
  • ferrite chip inductors there are many, in order to Fenghua chip inductors for example, there are general-purpose chip inductors (CMI series), ferrite high-frequency chip inductors (VHF series), ferrite wound inductance FHW series), CMP series of high-current chip inductors (also known as the Japanese factory laminated power inductors) and so on. These inductors are also 0805, the saturation circuit may be a big gap. For example, CMP series 0805 specifications of large current ferrite chip inductor saturation circuit range: 100mA ~ 1100mA.


They are used to block AC while allowing DC to pass; inductors designed for this purpose are called chokes. They are also used in electronic filters to separate signals of different frequencies, and in combination with capacitors to make tuned circuits, used to tune radio and TV receivers.

SMD Inductor

  • Chip Inductor
  • Power Inductor
  • CD no shield series
  • Function: Power inductors are important in applications where voltage conversion is necessary because they yield lower core losses. Power inductors are also used in order to store energy, provide lower signal loss in system design and filter EMI noise. A power inductor is an electronic component which receives as well as stores electrical energy by using a magnetic field. This magnetic field is usually created with a tightly coiled conductive wire. A power inductor maintains a steady current in an electrical circuit with a varying current and/or voltage.
  • 12*12*7MM 68uH: 60pcs = 10usd
  • CDRH series
Type Header text Header text
6D28 Example Example
4D28 Example Example
3D16 Example Example
127R Example Example
104R Example Example
74R Example Example

SMD Value

Silk Print Value Header text
4R7 4.7UH Example
Example Example Example
Example Example Example

PTH Inductor

  • None shielded or shielded, Radial leaded inductor
  • Axial Leaded Inductor (RF)

Common Mode Chock


  • Choke Coil
  • IFT Coil
  • Toroidal Inductor
  • Transformer & Filter
  • Shield Choke Indcutor
  • R Type Bar&Air Coil
  • Axial Type Choke Inductor
  • Multilayer Chip Ferrite Inductor
  • Chip Winding Inductor
  • EMI Supperssoremi