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Github DAPlink code, Firmware Updating Guide

  • Should only use python 2.7, version 3 may not work
Lpc-link flash.gif
Commands Descriptrions -
pip install virtualenv install venv -
virtualenv venv activate venv -
venv/Scripts/activate.bat bat -
pip install -r requirements.txt install requirements -
progen generate -t uvision setup uvision env -
env/Scripts/deactivate.bat deactivate bat -
  • GIF left Flash guide please see here, see how to use and program it
  • Find project folder J:\Git\LPCLINK\code\DAPLink-2\projectfiles\uvision\lpc11u35_arm_watch_stm32f411_if
  • Upgrade board to LPC11U35FNI33/501
  • Pin wiring for programming for LPC-LINK programmer to a LPC-LINK Blank programmer
right programmer port CLK -> target top right CLK
right programmer port DIO -> target top right DIO
3.3V -> 3.3V