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  • The memory area of the MIFARE 1k is organized in 16 numbered sectors from 0 to 15.
  • Each sector contains 4 blocks (block 0 to 3).
  • Block 3 of each sector is called sector trailer and contains information (called access bits) to handle the sector access conditions and the secret keys (key A and key B). Depending on the setting of the access bits the
  • Reader device has to perform an authentication with key A or key B to read or write the sector.
  • Block 0 of sector 0 (i.e. Manufacturer Block also called Manufacturer Data) contains the IC manufacturer data, and the Unique Identifier (UID, also called Serial Number, see [ISOIEC 14443-3] for a detailed definition).
  • 卡片的第一扇区第一段,储存了一个全球唯一的UID,其他还有UID效验位和厂商信息,按规范生产的卡片,该段在出厂时会被写入保护,只能读取不能写入。当然另外还有一种特殊的UID卡,UID能被修改。