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USB <>Optical Fiber Extension

  • CH315, CH317

The USB long-distance extension series solution breaks the limitation that the traditional USB extension distance does not exceed 5 meters. The USB signal is extended by more than 100 meters through a low-cost network cable, and the optical fiber line is used to extend the distance to the kilometer level. Support device hot swap, plug and play, pure hardware implementation, no need to install any additional drivers, compatible with all operating systems, avoiding the constant extension of the traditional extension program installation PC software, and truly comply with the USB protocol standard The long distance is extended. The extension program can be widely used in computer peripheral products, industrial control, medical equipment, security monitoring and other fields.

The CH317/CH315G series extension solution includes a UP end connected to a USB host and a DOWN end connected to the USB device, and the UP end and the DOWN end are interconnected through a network cable. The CH315G solution supports full speed and low speed extension, compatible with high speed, full speed extension of 70 meters, low speed can be extended by up to 300 meters; CH317 supports high speed extension, extended distance is affected by wire rod, measured super five network cable can be extended by 110 meters, six types of line 170 meters The fiber can reach more than 6 kilometers.