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  • All the modules below can be found on page here.

RF Link 433/315mhz


All the pins are sil printed on the board, please refer to real products.

Name Pin1 Pin2 Pin3 Pin4 Pin5
433/315 Transmitter Antenna (extra one close to other end) VCC Data output Data output GND
433/315 Receiver Data Input VCC GND

Simple Demo Test

  1. Connect VCC GND to your arduino, for TX, connect to MCU 1 pin 12, and for RX, connect to MCU 2 pin 11. 3 wire connects for each, and 6 in total.
  2. For TX and MCU1, upload sketch named transmitter sketch from virtualwire library, and for RX and MCU2, receiver sketch from virtualwire library.
  3. After finish uploading all the sketch, push reset button or TX MCU1 arduino, you should LED 13 flashing on TX MCU1 arduino, and another TX LED flashing or RX MCU2 arduino, this may be different due to the arduino board version, but at least two LED on each board should flicking!
  4. Open RX MCU2 monitor on computer, you should receive:

Got: 68 65 6C 6C 6F
Got: 68 65 6C 6C 6F ("hello" sent from TX)

See the Demo Video here.

RF Link with Decoder/Receiver

Pin definitions ANT、GND、LED、SW、VT、D0、D1、D2、D3、VDD、GND

  • ANT - antenna,
  • LED - external singal status LED
  • SW - external learning switch
  • VT - same as LED
  • D0-D3 - Data output
  • VDD - Power posistive in
  • GND - Power ground

working mode

  • T2 T1 off - default point mode
  • T2 connect T1 off - lock mode
  • T2 off T1 connect - inter-lock mode

How to pair

  • Learning and pairing:
  1. Hold learning button for 2 seconds and release,
  2. LED blink once, enter into pair mode
  3. on transmisster, press any button to pair
  4. receiver board receive signal, LED blink 4 times means succeed.
  • Clean pair
  1. pair button hold more than 8 seconds, LED up, after 8 seconds LED off means succeed clean.

RF Link with Encoder and Decoder PT2262/PT2272

Pin Definition, Modes, Antenna, Encrption

Pins (From left to right on top side) Function
VT Receive signal (optional)
D3 Data output
D2 Data output
D1 Data output
D0 Data output
5V 5V Power Supply
  • Data output of receiver will be the same of data send from remote controller, so in theory, when you push button 1, you will get 0001 from D0~03, and when you push button 2, you will get 0010 accordingly.

About Modes setup

  • M4(push-down: hold for output, unhold to stop output)- this is default mode
  • L4(interlock:only one of four of the output can work in the same time)
  • T4(selflock: four output are independent, push once to output and push again to stop)

About Extra Antenna on Receiver - If your require more far tranmission distance, it is better to use 1/4 wavelength antenna, 50 ohm single-core wire, the length of the antenna is about 23cm for 315M, and 17CM for 433M. Solder it on ANT pad. About - Further Encryption 2262 & 2272 Wireless RF Link 03.JPG

  • This RF link works as fixed code encryption, not the high level security, but will good enough for many normal cases, like car garage door.
  • A0~A7 pins are the address pins, on both transmitter and receiver should be matched for communication.
  • These pins has three states: float, to VCC, to GND.

Wireless Relay with Encoder/Decoder

Clean code on decoder/receiver board

  • After the board power up, wait until LED off (3 secs).
  • Press the "learn" button for 8 seconds, LED on, and then LED off indicating succeed
  • Cleaned


  1. After the board power up, wait until LED off (3 secs).
  2. Press the "learn" button, LED on
  3. Press the button on controller, code sent from controller, LED off indicating received.



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RF Link

RF Link with decoder

PT2262 and PT2272