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- Low Frequency High Frequency HF Ultra High Frequency Microwave
- 125Khz 13.56Mhz 840~960Mhz 2.4~2.5Ghz
Working Priciple Inductor coupling Inductor coupling Electromagnetic Reverse Scattering coupling Electromagnetic coupling
Distance <0.6M <1.2M <20M <300M
Features Nearly no environment Influence Good for short distance, the field of multi-label recognition environment Influence slightly high, tag cost low long distance similar to UHF, high cost of active power tag
Tag Type Passive None_power Passive None_power Passive None_power Passive None_power or Active Power
Typical Application Animal Identification Non-Contact IC Card Materials Management Toll / People Management
Speed Low - Low High High +
Environment Infuence Low - Low High High +