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General info of SIMCOM series here: category: SIMCOM



Demo code of arduino here

  • turn on board, connect arduino D8 pin to BOOT pin.
  • turn on GPS, print out basic status, connect arduino D6 D7 pin to TXD and RXD of sim868 board.
  • Connect 5V via diodie to VBAT pin, GND to GND pin for power.
  • Can use portable battery to test

Demo runing video please see here., one time per second blink 1PPS LED, slow blink when network registed network LED.

Backup Data and RTC

  • RTC can connect directly with normal NON-rechargeable battery
  • For rechargeagble battery, please refer to hardware design manual.



  • For GPS location, must leave the antenna fully out of artitecture, at outdoor environment.