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  • Schematic please see here:


  • Default demo code is located at
  • All code in Keil MDK ARM IDE, please install this first
  • In folder nbiot/software/STM32_NBIOT/r3
  • more example demo code could be found at - nbiot/software/BC95-STM32L151C8T6 Notice: the project file is old, please use default new project as template (nbiot/software/STM32_NBIOT/r3)

Quick start

  • Board is pre-flashed with default firmware, you can insert NBIOT SIM card, attached battery to start
  • LEDs will blink in sequence first, and then all light up to indicate the initation processures
  • Finally, PB9 LED blink to indicate each time data send
  • Online received data default send to our UDP server her, you can open webpage to see result: