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Use Guide TB6600, 6560


  • Double check the wiring before to use, otherwise the module could be burnt.
  • Do not use more than 3A motor


Pin Definition

Name Name2 Description Mode
+24V, GND Motor power
A+/-, B+/- Motor phase A/B
CLK +/- PUL +/- Pulse
CW +/- DIR +/- Direction Clockwise on H-TTL, vice serse
EN+ EN- ENA, ENB Enable Standby/lock mode on H-TTL, vice serse
  • CLK, CW and EN can be configured to work as high TTL or Low TTL
  • Default TTL signal is 5V, If use 12V signal, serial connect a 1K resistor, if use 24V signal, serial connect a 2.4K resistor

Configuration TB6560


Quick Start and Troubleshoot

  • Use accelStepper library, modified demo code please check git-hub page here.
  • No need to connect EN at beginning
  • When alarm light up, double check voltage too small or big, double check motor wiring. Normally 16 division micro-setp can work well.
  • Check demo video, if all wiring correct, double check or try division of micro-step.