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  • USB HUB - FE1.1, FE2.1, GL850, CH374 (Also MCU type)
  • USB SD card read

USB Extention

  • USB <--> UART <--> USB: CH9350


Test Record


UVC USB camera

  • USB video class or USB video device class, is the USB video capture standard, now it is also a standard of USB org.
  • RT5350 don't have camera interface or jack, so we can only use USB camera
  • UVC standard is already in linux kernal
  • default UVC cam output is YUV format raw, better use camera which support hardward compress, otherwise file will be rally big and slow, for example support DSP - mjpeg

Linux Kernal Config

For openwrt

  • in make menuconfig -> kernal modules -> video support -> kmod-video-uvc
  • in make menuconfig -> multimedia -> mjpg-streamer
  • make V=99


  • Can get File:BusHound v6.0.1
  • Use CH559 Demo board, press down P0.0 pin, add trim pot potentiometer on P1.0 and gnd pin as input value for ADC
  • See demo animation below

Ch559 demo 3.gif

Linux USB Extension

USB Connector