AM Sensor

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Type Type Type / Interface Size Feature
AM1001 humidity only: ±0.1%RH 0-3V analog output 59x27x14mm
AMT1001 ±0.3°C / ±2%RH resistive / analog output, Hout and Tout 59x27x14mm
AM2301 (DHT21) ±0.5°C / ±3%RH, resistive+capacitive / 1-Wire 59x27x14 fast response, low power consumption, long time stable
AM2320 / AMT2322 ±0.5°C / ±3%RH, ±0.5°C / ±2%RH digital IIC 15x12x4.5mm / 11x8x4mm
AMT2303 ±0.5°C / ±2%RH digital IIC
AM2302 (DHT22) ±0.5°C / ±2%RH resistive+capacitive / digital IIC 15x25x8mm low power consumption, long time stable, price-competitive
DHT11 / DHT12 ±2°C / ±5%RH, ±0.5°C / ±5%RH resistive / digital IIC 15x13x6mm / 12x15x5mm