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Board Features

  • ALPHA 8F328P-U MCU used by the LGT8F328P, is a Atmel MEGA328P compatible chip.
  • 8F328D architecture design is relatively new, peripheral functions far stronger than Atmel MEGA328. Especially the program encryption ability is far more than MEGA328.
  • 8F328D can use 3V3 and 5V power supply running at 16M frequency, excellent level compatibility.
  • Built-in high-precision RC, no external crystal can be stable operation.
  • Less peripheral parts, circuit design is simple.
  • 12-bit ADC (analog-to-digital conversion)
  • On board DAC
  • Owned GUID (unique ID) can be used for chip program encryption
  • Built-in internal 1.024V / 2.048V / 4.096V ± 1% calibratable reference voltage source

Other features

  • UOn-board USB-UART interface, using Holtek HT42B534-1, WIN10 and MAC OS X free drive.
Feature Arduino LGT Arduino Nano Arduino Pro Mini
USB-UART Interface Yes Yes -
DAC output Yes - -
Internal reference resoltuion ±0.5% ±1.5% ±1.5%
PWM dead zone control Yes - -
High current push - pull PWM Yes - -
Computing Accelerator (DSC) Yes - -
Stacking expansion system Yes - -
Speed 32M 16M 16M