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Header text Input Channels Input Type Class Power
PAM8302 Mono Differential class-D 10% THD 2.5W
PAM8303 Mono Differential class-D 3W
NS4150 Mono Differential class-D 0.1%THD 3W
MD8002 / FM8002 / 8002D Mono Differential class-AB 3W
HT6872 Mono Differential class-D 4.7W
HX8358 Mono Single-end? class-AB/D 8W
TDA2030 Mono Differential class-AB 14W
PAM8403 Stereo - class-D 3W
HT8696 Stereo Differential class-D 9.5W
FM4158 Mono Single-end ? 0.1% THD+N 5W


Type DC Power Class, THD+N
PAM8403(PDF) 5V 4Ω 2x 3W D 10%
PAM8406 - 2-8Ω 2x 5W D 10%
PAM8610 13V(7-15V) 8Ω 2x10W D 10%
TDA7297 6-18V - 2x15W ?
TPA3116D2 21V 4Ω 2x50W D 10%
LM386 ?
HT8696 4-9V 4Ω 2x10W D 10%

  • AD827
  • LM1036


Type DC Drive Class, THD+N
NS4110 5-12V 4Ω 18W D, 10%
NS4158(PDF) 5V 4Ω 5W D, 10%
HT6872(PDF) 6.5V 4Ω 4.7W D, 10%
PAM8302 5V 2.5W D, 10%
OEP20W 18V 8Ω 20W D, 10%
TDA7294 40V 100W Class-AB, ?
8002 5V 4Ω 2W
TDA2030 14V 4Ω 14W class-AB, ?




  • Differential audio: L_SPK_P, L_SPK_N, R_SPK_P, R_SPK_N
  • Single End: R, L, GND


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