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Features BP9022 / 3132

  • BP9022 is upgradtion of BP3108, Rcs = 1.5R (not 30R), Ip_pk (primary peak current) = 400/30R = 13.3mA, Iout = 13.3/4 * Np/Ns
  • Our Board Max CV current is 320mA, the bigger Rcs pin1 resistor, the smaller CV output current
  • BP9022 output current precision -+6%
  •  BP3132 is a 1A / 650V high voltage MOS integrated primary control LED constant current driver IC. Package type SOP8.

BP3132 can be simply understood as:

  •     1) is an improved version of BP3122 to improve the accuracy of constant current, the output current accuracy of ± 4%.
  •     2) with advanced dynamic temperature control technology to improve power supply reliability.
  •     3) and has an external resistor to precisely set the output over-voltage protection voltage to reduce the output capacitor cost.
  •     4) The output current regulation is insensitive to the transformer inductance.
  •     The BP9022 and BP3132 are Pin to Pin products. Is a low cost version of the BP3132. The main difference is in order
  • For better cost, the output current accuracy is reduced to ± 6% while the internal MOS is changed from 15 ohms to 16 ohms.
  •     BP9022 and BP3132 products The main selling points:
  • 1, the industry's first dual-winding transformer technology, no auxiliary power supply circuit, a high cost.
  • 2, with a transformer can adapt to different output current, reducing the type of transformer.
  • 3, built-in dynamic temperature control technology. In a comprehensive guarantee product reliability under the premise of ensuring maximum output power products.
  • 4, built-in line voltage compensation, higher constant current accuracy and mass production consistency. (Resolved in the past BP3122, different output current needs to be adjusted
  •    Different transformers to ensure the accuracy of constant current problem. )
  • 5, through an external resistor to set the output open-circuit voltage, to ensure the consistency of the batch, reducing the cost of the output capacitor. (To solve the past BP3122,
  •    It is necessary to modify the transformer to be able to achieve the output open-circuit voltage adjustment. )
  • Second, the application:
  •    In the full voltage input Vin = 85V-265V, can output 5W.
  •    In the high-voltage input Vin = 176V-265V, can output 7W