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Lithium Battery

Lithium Iron Battery

Type of Battery

  • Lead-acid batteries normal used for electric bike 铅酸电池 / 电动车用
6 most common battery types-1.jpg
Core CN Status Diameter x Thickness Voltage, Charge current Package, Volume Application Pros Cons
CR2032/2025/2016 锂锰扣式电池(CR系列) - dia. 20mm, 3.2~1.6mm 3V -
CR1220 锂锰扣式电池(CR系列) - dia. 12mm, 2mm 3V -
? 1.5V碱性锌锰扣式电池(LR及SR系列) - 3V -
LIR2032 锂离子电池 Rechargeable dia. 20mm, 3.2~1.6mm 3.6V -
LIR1220 锂离子电池 Rechargeable dia. 12mm, 2mm 3V -
? 锂离子 (ML或VL系列) Rechargeable 3V -

AG3 (packaging) 碱性锌锰电池(纽扣) - dia. 8mm, 3.6mm 1.5V 35 mAh
AG13 (packaging) 碱性锌锰电池(纽扣) - dia. 11.6mm, 5.4mm 1.5V LR44, L1154, SR44, SG13, 128 mAh
LiFePO4 铁锂电池 Rechargeable 3.2-3.6V
Li+ = lithium battery (Lithium-ion, lithium-polymer) 锂离子电池 Rechargeable 3.7V-4.2V 18650
Li-PO 锂聚电池 正极 Rechargeable 3.7V-4.2V polymer, phone
  • 钴 锂 氧化物(LiCoO2)动力电池,电动工具, 手机,电脑等。
  • 镍酸 锂(LiNiO2)
  • 锰酸 锂(LiMn2O4)
  • 磷酸铁 锂(LiFePO4)
  • 锂镍锰钴氧化物(LiNiMnCoO2或NMC)镍钴锰 酸锂 三元锂电池。
Ternary polymer lithium battery 三元聚合物锂电池
LA = Lead–acid battery, Lead-Sealed 铅酸电池 Rechargeable 2.1V normally e-bike use 2.1V x 6 = 12V 电动车 价格便宜,体积大,重
Ni-MH 镍氢电池 Rechargeable 1.2V AA, AAA eneloop 记忆效应,容量减小
Ni-Cd Nickel–cadmium 镍铬电池 Rechargeable 1.2V AA, AAA
Alkaline 碱性锌锰电池 - 1.5V AA, AAA
Li+ Titante 鋰鈦電池, 钛酸锂电池 Rechargeable Low voltage E-Bus

Common Lithium Battery Charge Method

  • 5V High-voltage charging: This charging method does not have a dedicated control circuit, directly with a 5V power head (or a series of diode buck) on the battery with a protective plate charge, completely dependent on the protection board high voltage limit. Is the beginning of the current is very large, and then gradually reduced, at any time float; this type of board mostly will explode, commonly used in low-grade card MP3, etc.
  • Constant voltage charging: This method to keep up with a constant voltage is actually "limit voltage", set a relatively accurate maximum voltage, and then go to that voltage dead charge, less than 4.2V oath endlessly, common called "silly charge" , if the end voltage 4.2 can reach probably will be fine, if not then the charge still rely on protection board.

Common in the current mobile phone universal charge and flashlight direct charge, the cost of this charger less than a dollar, all made by inferior parts.

  • Constant current charge: This method is derived from the last and on a circuit, but the maximum charge current is limited, constant-current constant-voltage is actually "limit current and limit voltage".

The charge will not stop, now that a long time a small current charge is one of the causes of battery flatulence;

AG Coin Battery

Main Type Header text Header text Size Capacity
AG3 LR41 / SR41W L736 / 192 / 392 8 * 3.6 mm 35mAh
AG13 LR44 / SR44 A76 / ag76 / G13 / L115 / 303 / RW32 / V303 11.6 * 5.4 mm 128 mAh


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