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Type Input Output Features Package
LP2981-N 2.1-16V 100mA, Ip 300mA, 3.3V Ultralow Dropout SOT23-5
BL9341 4.7-40V Input 600mA, 93%, 2MHZ SOT23-6
Example Example Example Example

Solution and link Footprint Output Input Type Feature Efficiency?
MP1470 SOT23-6 2A Buck - switching High-Efficiency, 2A, 16V, 500kHz Synchronous, Step-Down Converter In a 6-Pin TSOT 23
MP1584 SO08
  • 2A, peak 3A
  • 0.8V to 30V(20V)?
4.5V-28V Buck - Switching 3A, 1.5MHz, 28V, Step-Down Converter 96
MP2303, MP2307 SO08
  • 3A, peak 4A
  • 1.0V-17V
4.75V-23V Buck - Switching 3A, 23V, 340KHz Synchronous Rectified, Step-Down Converter 95
  • 2A, peak 3A
  • 0.8-17V
4.5-24V Buck - Switching High Efficiency 3A, 24V, 500kHz,vSynchronous Step Down Converter 97.5
LM2596 - 0.6RMB TO263-5 3A Buck - Switching Power Converter 150-kHz 3-A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
LM2576 - 1RMB TO263-5 3A Buck
LM317 - 1.5A 1.5-37V Buck-linear
7805/09/15 TO-220 1.5 Buck-linear
XL4015/XL4016/XL4005 TO263-5 5A Buck - Switching
TPS40057 TSSOP16 5A Buck - Switching Wide Input (8V-40V) up to 1MHz Frequency Synchronous Buck Controller, source/sink with prebias
HT7133 SOT89 30mA High voltage 24V input Buck
AOZ1212 SO8
  • 3A
  • Down to 0.8V
4.5V to 27V Buck - Switching 3A Simple Buck Regulator 95

The rest

  • TPS5430, XL1509, MP1593, MP4560
  • XL1509: 2A 150KHz 40V Buck DC to DC Converter, 0.6 RMB


  • XL7005: 0.5A 200KHz 65V Buck DC to DC Converter, Ebike application 0.8 RMB
  1. n Wide 5V to 65V Operation Voltage
  2. n Output Adjustable from 1.25V to 25V
  3. n Maximum Duty Cycle 100%
  4. n Minimum Drop Out 1V
  5. n Fixed 200KHz Switching Frequency
  6. n Maximum 0.5A Output Current
  7. n Recommend output power less than 8W
  8. n Internal Optimize HV Power Transistor
  9. n High efficiency up to 85%
  10. n Excellent line and load regulation
  11. n TTL shutdown capability
  12. n Built in thermal shutdown function
  13. n Built in output short Protection Function
  14. n Built in current limit function
  15. n SOP8-EP (Exposed PAD) package

High Freqency

  • Avoid frequency interfence
  • Small size Inductor
  • Less request on output capacitor


LDO Vin = Vout + 1V

Solution and link Package Current Quiescent Current
SPX3819 SOT23-5 500mA
RT9193 SOT23-5 300mA
MIC5205 SOT23-5 150mA
AP2112-3V3 SOT23-5, etc 600mA
XC6206 SOT23-3 200mA 1.0uA
MCP1700 SOT23-3 250mA 1.6uA
XC6203 SOT89 400mA
AMS1117 SOT223 1A
WL2803G SOT223 1A
LT3652 MSOP08 2A Solar power tracking
MIC29300 TO263-5 3A
  • LP2985-N || LP2985-N Micropower 150-mA Low-Noise Ultra-Low-Dropout Regulator in SOT-23 and DSBGA Packages Designed for Use with Very Low ESR Output Capacitors

Dual output

  • MCP1702 - 250 mA Low Quiescent Current LDO Regulator, Input Operating Voltage Range: 2.7V to 13.2V


  • LDO
  • Regulator


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