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Enter Into Flash Mode

  • Most development board has auto enter into flash mode circuits, more commerial products do not really need this.
  • Pull GPIO 0 of ESP8266 before power up or reboot to enter into flash mode. -> So simply hold down GPIO 0 and press once reset will enter into flash mode manully.
  • Connect 3.3V/GND/TXD=>RXD/RXD->TXD to target, recommand USB-TTL downloader here


Details For Firmware

Boot Process

  • Reset vector is 0x40000080.
  • Boots into Espressif code in IROM0.
  • Loads SPI ROM data.
  • Starts executing ESP SDK-code shadowed SPI ROM (unconfirmed).

SPI Flash ROM Layout

Address Size Name Description
00000h 248k app.v6.flash.bin User application
3E000h 8k master_device_key.bin OTA device key
40000h 240K app.v6.irom0text.bin SDK libraries
7C000h 8k esp_init_data_default.bin Default configuration
7E000h 8k blank.bin Filled with FFh. May be WiFi configuration.


  • Open arduino IDE, and set baud rate to 74880 on serial, can find esp8266 debug info.

Dump and mass deply

  • After finish coding, upload your code lua into target board, better be complied
  • dump out the flash content out and save as firmware.bin file for batch deploy
  • use this firmware.bin for new products
  1. So first setup the working environment
  2. read out the flash content by command
./ --baud 115200 --port /dev/ttyUSB0 read_flash 0 4194304 output.bin
  1. 4194304 mbits = 4MB, read flash time take at least more than 5 minutes
  2. 2097152 mb = 2MB, 1048576 mbits = 1MB, 524288 = 512 KB, 262144 = 256 KB
  3. use flash download tool flash normally
  • Also can try dump mem out, like RAM, etc, dumping the ROM (64 KiB) from the chip:
./ dump_mem 0x40000000 65536 iram0.bin

Details For Boards

Flash Mode for ESP Relay Board Series

Product Manully Enter Into Flash Mode Note
ESP Relay Board SPST The board has not reset pin lead out please hold down BTN2, and then power up No need to connect AC mains power, supply 5V only
ESP Relay Board DPST Hold down BTN, and press RST once -
ESP Relay Board VDC Hold down BTN, and press RST once No need to connect AC mains power, supply 5V only
ESP Relay Board IL Hold down BTN, and press RST once -
ESP LEDs Hold down IO0, and press RST once -

Programming Details for ESP Relay Board

  • Our default firmware bin file can be found on this page, including arduino or nodemcu firmware.
  • Serial port output debug information by our default firmwarem baudrate 115200.
  • Get esp download tool from ESP_Download_Tool, flash .bin firmware file to board 0x00000, more instruction please see the page.



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