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Char LCD


Hardware Design

Dimension and schematic

  • R1 dimension
  • R1 schematic
  • R2 (not sell)


  • All the pins must be connected, if not connect, it won't work (Athough not all the pins are defined in the arduino sketch).
  • All the pins power/logic should be 3.3V, include LCD back light.
  • LCD power supply can be 5V, on board LDO regulator
  • 1.8 can use 5V for test, the rest can not do
Name Description Common Connection
SCK Serial Clock (SPI) D13
DO Data out, MISO (NA for 1.8 LCD) D12 (optional)
DI (SDA for 1.8) Data in, MOSI D11
CS Chip select, setup this in the head of your arduino sketch D10
AO D/C, Command/Data switch, setup this in the head of your arduino sketch D9
Reset reset pin D8
VCC power supply, can use 5V or 3.3V, on board regulator LDO VCC
GND power ground GND
LED backlight 3V (actually 3.2V, can add 5ohm resistor in serial) -


Demo Video

Demo Code STM32 C51 ILI9341

Software Design

Arduino library

EDL 160x128 1.8 SPI LCD (Discountined)


Shematic 1.8 SPI TFT LCD.png

  • JP1 is the power level selector, short connecting it when you supply the power with 3.3V

Pin definition

Pins Name Description Common Connecting to Arduino Pin
GND Power Ground - GND
VCC Power VCC - 5V
NC...NC NC1, NC2, NC3 - NC
Reset Reset LCD reset pin Pin 8
A0 D/C - Pin 9
SDA SDA LCD data input/slave input Pin 11 (MOSI of arduino)
SCK SCK Clock Pin Pin 13
CS CS Chip Select of LCD Pin 10
SD_SCK - - -
SD_MISO - - -
SD_MOSI - - -
SD_CS - - -


avrdude -c stk200 -p atmega8 -U lfuse:w:0x9f:m -U hfuse:w:0xc9:m -U flash:w:firmware-avrusb.hex
  • install driver libusb-win32 in windows
  • in raspberry pi, is driver free, use with python -> sudo pip install lcd2usb
  • Demo code avaialble here and testing code here.

LCD Drive and Key Scan

- Segments Segment Bits relation Keys Keys Bits Footprint
TM1620 8 x6 - - - SOP20
TM1628 12 or 11 x6 or x7 + 8 x2 SOP20
TM1637 8 x6 + 8 x2 SOP20
TM1640 8 x16 - - - SOP28
TM1650 8 or 7 x4 or 8 x4 SOP16
TM1651 7 x6 + 8 x1 SOP16


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